We’ve had a lot of questions lately about stucco from buyers and sellers in Houston, so I wanted to address the topic today. Today I’m joined by Kevin Harbison from Stucco Spec, our go-to guy for home inspections.

First we want to differentiate between the two types of stucco: cement-based (which we refer to as real stucco) and synthetic stucco (referred to as EIFS) which is made out of foam and a thin rendering of cement. The real stucco is actually concrete, and is thicker.

Most people don’t dislike stucco as a material itself but tend to dislike the way it is applied and maintained. The problem with stucco is water intrusion. For example, if a window is not caulked properly, water can get in behind the stucco and cause structural damage. Another important detail on homes for preventing water intrusion is flashing, which kicks away water and keeps it away from the house.


Heat plays a factor here in Houston as well. It takes a toll on caulking, so windows should be resealed every five to six years, according to Kevin. There are specific sealants used, so he recommends always using a professional waterproofing company. If you have a stucco home that hasn’t received maintenance in six to 10 years, you want to walk around the home for a self-inspection. Check that your sealants are intact and soil is not touching the bottom of the stucco walls. You can always hire a proven professional like Kevin to make sure the inspection is done right.

If you have more questions about stucco or you’re interested in a stucco inspection, you can reach Kevin through Stucco Spec’s website. If you have real estate questions or are thinking about buying or selling a home, give me a call and let’s talk soon!